Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC Featured in San Diego’s Daily Transcript 3/07/13

Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC was recently featured in the San Diego Daily Transcript article titled “NODs SPIKE 52.5% IN SD IN FEBRUARY FROM JANUARY.” Legacy Real Estate Ventures’ Principal, Sean Mayer, and its Investment Manager, Sean Jones, truly believe that 2013 will be an exceptional year for the housing recovery. Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC plans to consistently operate LREV Opportunity Fund II within the fix and flip market for the next 24 months in the Southern California region. Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC is likewise focused on a SFR rental aggregation strategy located in specific markets to capitalize on the long-term aspects of the housing recovery. Click the San Diego Source below to see the full article and what Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC sees in the coming months within the single-family residential space.

NODs spike 52.5% in SD in February from January

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