Venture Capital

Venture Capital

Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC's investment approach involves leveraging its capital and operational expertise in assisting companies in their strategic planning, business development, project management, finance execution, and most importantly, operational execution. As a Family Office, our Venture Capital returns are vested in a long-term mindset rather than many of our other strategies, which focus on rapid exit strategies. We collect and purchase companies where synergies are available to form a vertically integrated management team, which not only boosts returns for both the portfolio and but enhances the necessary infrastructure to execute our growth strategies.

We are afforded the opportunity of patient long term venture capital expectations with Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC, and the firm is not subject to the same restrictions imposed upon traditional venture capital firms. Our decisions are the complimentary fit within our core group of businesses focused on the execution in order to gain more market share.

We have spent numerous years focused on vertical integration of companies within the realm of real estate in order to lower our raw material costs, improve the quality of these materials, secure relationships to shorten the supply chain, enhanced market branding, and reputation, and finally creating a product for the consumer at a consistent price.