Legacy Real Estate Ventures is a real estate investment firm that focuses on investment vehicles that are available within the real estate industry. Legacy Real Estate Ventures’ goal is to add value for each and every investor in a vehicle that fits their risk tolerance and likewise maximizes profitability.

Legacy Real Estate Ventures’ investment strategy revolves around value add-components that are available within niche markets throughout the United States. We understand the importance of a well-balanced strategy, which allows us to leverage our vast network in order to capitalize on various opportunities that have emerged during this tumultuous economy. We have the ability to identify quality investment opportunities and work with our team to reposition these assets in order to provide quality returns for our clients.

Legacy Real Estate Ventures focuses on decreasing the “load factor” involved with the costs of real estate investing by controlling all factors involved in the investment process including asset acquisition, construction management, asset management, private finance, and disposition of various investments.

Legacy Real Estate Ventures’ goal is to make real estate investments tangible and competitive for every individual. Our objective is to professionally compete with various investment platforms to deliver superior financial returns that every investor deserves. With our understanding of the various risks and rewards encountered within the recent tumultuous markets, we continuously strive to innovate our approach to meet the unique financial needs of our clients.