Sean Mayer is the Principal and Founder of Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC. He was born in Los Angeles and spent much of his childhood honing his entrepreneurial spirit. Before the age of 15, he had built and sold two Internet auction houses to a subsidiary of eBay, which propelled him into the entrepreneurial mentality. Mr. Mayer enhanced three generations of real estate DNA as the Founder and Principal of Legacy Real Estate Ventures LLC, the investment arm for the Mayer Family Office.

Mr. Mayer graduated Cum Laude from the University of California San Diego with a Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies and Planning. Shortly thereafter, he graduated with distinction from the University of San Diego where he earned a Master’s in Real Estate Science.

The success of Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC is a testament to Mr. Mayer’s Venture Capitalistic spirit embodied by his business philosophies. Since the commencement of the investment arm in 2009, Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC has purchased and disposed of over $1,750,000,000 of single-family residential assets. Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC is proud to say that these homes purchased and sold have helped pave the way for gentrification within these neighborhoods leading to an increased tax basis for the various cities and saving hundreds of families from foreclosure.

Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC’s urban infill strategies have performed incredibly well since their inception. The focus on demographic, population, and various proprietary analytical techniques are unparalleled within the industry. His company adopted a Venture Capital approach to the real estate world and the process of vertical integration led to the newest investment in, HouseCall. This mobile app synthesizes the link between the construction world and homeowners to create an “Uber-like” interface with a powerhouse team.

Most recently, Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC has been nominated as a Finalist for the extremely prestigious Orchid Award from the San Diego Architectural Foundation in the category of Architecture as well as Icon Awards BIA (Building Industry Association) Custom Home Builder/Remodeler of the Year award. Mr. Mayer has also been awarded San Diego Metro’s Top 40 Under 40 Award, chosen continuously as a Moderator at the Annual Opal’s Investment Trends Summit, awarded the esteemed “Top 100 Family Office Elite Award” from Sato Consultants, and nominated in the “International Top 100 Business Mag” as a top real estate developer.

Mr. Mayer is an active member in the philanthropic community and participates in the University of San Diego’s Real Estate Mentorship Program and helps lead the University of California San Diego Real Estate Alumni Association. He is involved in numerous charities including Circle of Care Burn Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association, and the East Bali Poverty Project located in Indonesia. He also participated on the council for the San Diego Young Executive Society and was on several HOA boards throughout California. Mr. Mayer looks forward to continually advancing opportunities for the next generation to become actively engaged in the community.

Legacy Real Estate Ventures
Legacy Real Estate Ventures


Casey Mayer is the Director of Operations at Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC. Casey is instrumental in developing capital budgets to ensure critical path milestones are met during each phase of a site development. Casey was responsible for the risk mitigation on nearly 400 single family residential rehabilitations and is responsible for the completion of maintenance procedural reviews with daily site visits on active construction projects.

Casey joined Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC’s team to assist in the acquisition and development of multifamily communities in the San Diego, Ventura County, Los Angeles, and the Nevada area. She is also responsible for risk mitigation and county appeasement regulations involving a 1,700-acre master planned community as well as asset managing a variety of asset types in several markets on the West Coast.

Casey was born in Los Angeles and spent much of her youth working in the real estate, entertainment, and mental health industries. She graduated from Pepperdine University and received her master’s degree in Psychology. In addition, she received recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement and excellence and was awarded a lifetime membership from Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology.