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Showings on Demand

Have you ever seen a property and wanted to peek inside but didn’t want to wait for the listing agent to finally become available to show it to you? Trying to find somewhere to rent is no easy feat whatsoever and can certainly become a long and arduous process, particularly in the NYC rental market. This is where Showings on Demand from the makers of Naked Apartments comes in. Showings on Demand uses an uber-like feature that allows the renter to inform Naked Apartments as to when they want to see a particular property and Showings on Demand finds the renter an agent to show it to them at a moment’s notice. According to Naked Apartments, the élite apartments are rented within 24 hours so time is certainly of the essence. Being able to see a property on the renter’s schedule has been something that is rather unheard of so having a multitude of agents ready and willing to show a property as soon as possible is truly quite the time saver.

The Naked Apartments’ app also allows agents to message renters through the app to avoid any text messaging delays. In NYC this is quite important as apartments are rented rapidly unlike other areas of the United States. As the population density grows in other metropolitan areas of the country, we hope Showings on Demand will be an asset that can be used in more locations!

HouseCall for Android Users

Android users everywhere are celebrating as the brilliant app, HouseCall, is currently available in the Google Play Store. Now both iPhone and Android users can receive the plethora of benefits HouseCall has to offer. The ease, efficiency, and timesaving capabilities of this app are countless. The ability for Android users to use this app wherever and whenever is yet another bonus to this already extraordinary tool!

Android users can download the app from Google Play by clicking here. Enjoy the ease of having the best local service professionals at your fingertips!

Tech Tuesdays

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