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Solar Panels

This week’s edition of Tech Tuesdays is focused upon solar panels. Solar is now one of the greenest and most cost-efficient technological advancements you can use in your home! There have certainly been mixed reviews of going solar in the past few years but as technology advances with this specific entity, prices for the equipment have dropped. On top of this, there are federal, state, and local financial incentives offered to encourage home owners to put photovoltaic panels upon their roofs and benefit by having lowered utility bills.

If you’re shying away from investing in solar, there is also the option of solar leasing where a company owns and installs the equipment in your home and you pay the company a utility fee but at a much lower rate than what you would sans solar. Due to recent technological advancements and solid evidence of the benefits of solar, we have taken a lot of interest in this entity as a clever, practical, and lucrative investment for both residential and multi-family properties. Less costly utility bills are always a plus in our eyes!

Property Updates

Little Italy

One of our latest multifamily, urban infill development projects is in the popular area of, Little Italy. If you have driven past our site on the corner of Columbia and Hawthorn, you may have seen our logo on the banner surrounding the current construction going on. This project is a perfect example of modern, infill development with a design that takes advantage of the beautiful climate and gorgeous views of Downtown San Diego and the bay. It will certainly be a great addition to this well traveled intersection in a highly sought after San Diego neighborhood.

33rd Street

33rd Street is another one of our projects situated in the creative haven of North Park, an area noted in Forbes magazine as an extremely culturally diverse area (“America’s Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods”, Forbes). Our turn-of-the-century Craftsman Bungalow just had gorgeous xeriscape implemented throughout to not only accent the clean lines of the home but also to give a cost-effective and low maintenance landscape for the future owner. This North Park location is rather ideal as it is surrounded by a multitude of cultural venues, restaurants loved by foodies, galleries, boutiques, chic bars, breweries, and coffee shops. We know the future homeowners will absolutely love their exclusive home in its desirable location!

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