Tech Tuesday


Imagine not having to spend your precious time checking email after email each day whilst trying to reorganize your inbox. Would you have more time to focus on money-making efforts? Perhaps more time for family and friends? Both options sound pretty good to us as time is precious and time is money for Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC! This Tech Tuesday introduces Unroll.Me, a brilliant website that delivers only one email, once a day, for all of your subscriptions. Now you can have all of your emails in one place without flooding your inbox. Time saving and organization all in one!

What Does It Do?

Unroll.Me finds all of your subscription emails and lists them into one email for you whilst giving you the option to unsubscribe so you are no longer burdened with the task of unsubscribing individually to each email, confirming, et cetera.  Upon signing up, you are given the option to unsubscribe from all junk emails instantly with one click! Do most of us even recall signing up for the majority of those emails in the first place? Unroll.Me covers the task in one foul swoop so you can spend time doing more important things like focusing on the emails that actually deserve your attention!

The Main Features

Unroll.Me will automatically categorize your subscriptions into one Rollup so you can swiftly and easily find what you want, when you want. You can also schedule what time you receive your emails with The Rollup so they deliver to you at your most desired time.

We love saving time and making our day as efficient as possible so we hope you enjoy this timesaving email digest!

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