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On this edition of Tech Tuesdays we are exploring the app called, MagicPlan by Sensopia. This app allows you to create an interior map of a property with your mobile device. That’s right, no more measuring, drawing, or attempting to be an expert! This is an ideal app for real estate agents, architects, contractors, home inspectors, interior designers, and more.

How MagicPlan Works

All you have to do is take a picture of the room’s corners, fine tune the room on your device, then assemble the room with your fingers, and MagicPlan creates a floor plan. No need to measure, draw, move heavy furniture, or hire an expert to accomplish the task. On top of this, you can save the inside map in a plethora of formats including: JPEG, PDF, DXF and HTML to make compatibility easy!

Why Download MagicPlan App?

The MagicPlan download is free to use on your device and share with other MagicPlan users. If you would like to export your interior map or publish an interactive map on the Internet, various reasonable payment options are available. Upon purchasing your map you can export it an unlimited number of times. Not only do you save a lot of time creating a floor plan with MagicPlan but you also save a lot of money in regards to the cost of employing an individual to measure the various rooms.

HouseCall Update

As mentioned before in our previous article, we love HouseCall. It is still one of our most used and favorite apps combining the ease and convenience of Uber with the plethora of resources and trust of Angie’s List. HouseCall’s newest feature will be available very soon to real estate agents to allow them to compile their own list of trusted vendors to be shared with clients. We hear that they’re currently working on even more features to knock this already amazing app out of the park.

We hope you enjoy these apps as much as we have!

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