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The Legacy Lounge has decided that every Tuesday’s blog-post theme shall be, Tech Tuesdays. On these days we will choose an article on San Diego based developments to show how San Diego is an intellectual powerhouse waiting to be explored by Venture Capital Firms. The intellectual capacity and overall academic primer available from the three local universities UCSD, USD, and SDSU make San Diego a great place to seek the entrepreneurial spirit!

HouseCall Versus Allre

The Legacy Team uses articles like this during its research process in order to model future development projects in creative ways to integrate various types of technology into the development process.

Now to compare the technology:

One of the most interesting and beneficial Apps we have come across is, HouseCall. This App is an invaluable missing link both in the construction and homeowner world as it combines an Uber-esque feel by using mobile technology to match a HouseCall Pro to your location. On top of this, all the independent professionals are the best in their trade, background checked, and ready to serve the client in all housing needs from kitchen repainting, to Sonos Entertainment Installation, plumbing, and everything in between. The trust factor is instilled from the beginning on top of the aforementioned information as each pro’s price is given ahead of time too so there is no time wasted calling for quotes or negotiating pricing when a home emergency strikes. That in itself is a lifesaver as time wasted equals more frustration and sometimes more repairs and costs! Payment is just as simple too as everything is taken care of automatically via whichever credit card you choose to have on file. HouseCall is relatively new but has some amazing partners behind the concept including those within the original think-tanks at Qualcomm. Currently the App is only avaiable to IOS users and online, but the Andriod version should be available to users shortly. This would cause rapid expansion and a peer-to-peer network like nothing ever seen in the construction and homeowner world thus making both processes as seamless as possible.

Allre is a unique online marketplace where entire real estate transactions can be completed online sans agents and thus without agent commissions. Therefore buyers and sellers may complete a sale themselves without the help of an agent, which does sound good upfront. However, according to a 2013 poll, the majority of homes are still sold through the MLS. One can see that the traditional transaction process still remains intact and it is rather difficult to change as many homeowners, homebuyers, and particularly agents, are against it. The National Association of REALTORS® represents 1 million members who are pledged to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice who would undoubtedly lose business and value in their position from online marketplaces like Allre. Likewise, it is beneficial to have a real-estate professional involved when purchasing or selling a home as every property is incredibly unique. And unlike stocks, which Allre compares their product to, homes need to be seen and inspected by professionals in person. The Allre concept will be a huge uphill battle as many real estate agents survive off of commissions from sales of homes.
After thorough contemplation, the winner of this round is…HouseCall!

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