What questions come to mind when you think of a home build or a remodel?

When will it be done?

Where are we at on the project?

Do we have all the bids?

Where is the documentation?

Are we over budget?

Did the orders come in?

What does the progress look like?

All of these questions and more are bound to be asked when one is a part of the homebuilding and/or remodeling process. However, until BuilderTREND, communication between builders, their customers, vendors, and subcontractors was rather limited, unorganized, and hard to stay on top of, to say the least. Now that BuilderTREND created a web-based home builder software, the communication is not only enhanced, but a lot more organized. This project management software, “…empowers home builders and remodelers to provide a better building experience for their homebuyers, associates, and subcontractors. The system provides real-time 24/7 access to scheduling information, change orders, documents, photos, warranty management, homebuyer selections, and much more.”

Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC uses BuilderTREND for our projects and found it to be very efficient. Utilizing the ability to upload progress pictures keeps everyone informed and having all of the documentation in one place is extremely opportune. Also having all of the bids, warranties, and purchase orders in one place is not only convenient but easier to track. One can see just how much BuilderTREND’s cloud system has to offer here.

On top of it all, there is no software to install and the program is incredibly easy to use and customizable to the home builder’s preference. The experience is optimized as automatic notifications assist to manage the builder’s communication and process, thus providing satisfaction for not only the builder but the homebuyer as well. The fact that one can use it in the field simply by downloading it in the app store makes it even more efficient and productive.

The level of organization BuilderTREND incorporates alleviates a lot of the stress that goes along with homebuilding as information for the job is kept all in one place with access to those involved in that particular job. Overall, it creates a much more efficient and enjoyable process for the builders and clients. Through the utilization of improved communication, there leaves a lot less room for errors and frustration, therefore saving a lot of time and unnecessary stress.

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