Doctor On Demand

Have you ever wanted immediate access to thousands of board-certified U.S. physicians to diagnose whatever ails you without even having to get in the car and drive somewhere? There’s an app for that! Doctor On Demand allows individuals to receive high-quality medical care no matter where they are for only $40 per visit and no monthly fees. All you have to do is provide a list of your symptoms and you will instantly be connected to a board-certified doctor in your state.

By now you may be wondering how this relates to real estate… As of late there has been a massive boom in the “Do It Yourself” market in regards to remodeling one’s home, as seen on a plethora of TV shows. Even some of our readers are trying to embark upon their own remodeling to emulate what we do with all of our homes. We think this is great! However, it can be quite dangerous if one isn’t proficient in what they are doing. This is why we always use professionals with a surplus of experience for all of our custom remodels and developments so the work environment is as safe as possible.

Needless to say when one tries to remodel a home without the help of a professional, injuries can occur. Try tearing down a wall by yourself and you might just experience an injury! Even professionals on job sites can benefit from Doctor On Demand because they can receive immediate feedback about anything that is of concern to them then either seek further treatment or get back to work with peace of mind. By simply downloading Doctor On Demand, you can receive the highest quality care minus the inconvenient and expensive urgent care visits!

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Doctor On Demand


If getting an injury due to a remodel got the “Do It Yourself” bug out of your system, try HouseCall! This amazing app will immediately connect you to the best local home service professionals to come over and take care of that burden for you.

Right now, Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC has a discount code for $15 off for first time users. Just type LEGACYVIP and the $15 off discount and insurmountable convenience is all yours!

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