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Purchasing and selling a property seems to be quite the glamorous process, until one truly embarks upon this endeavor. This Tech Tuesday article’s main goal is to remove the overwhelmingness of it! This is where the efficient website and app called, Redfin comes in. More often than not, we have individuals and companies asking us for our expertise on the most methodical and easy way to look for or sell properties. As well as how to view what has sold within an area. Indeed Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC has bought and sold many properties in a plethora of areas so we would be more than happy to share the knowledge. We understand this process can be overwhelming for someone who is not fully emerged in the Real Estate business. Legacy uses this website daily as Redfin’s web design is rather seamless and the layout is efficient and well organized. On top of this, it is very user-friendly for even first-time homebuyers.

Superior Search-ability

Unlike many other websites and regular multiple listing services, Redfin’s search-ability is superior as it allows you to easily change criteria and utilize the map to expand your search to the current area viewed instead of being given a list of homes reduced to a certain parameter. Mind you, many people like being confined to a certain parameter i.e. solely properties within a certain zip code but if one wants to truly expand their search efficiently and with ease, the ability to use a map view for a search is the way to go. You are also given the option to view all MLS listings in the area as well as for-sale-by-owner and foreclosed homes.

Accurate Data

On top of all this, Redfin has the most accurate data that is updated every 15-30 minutes as well as more listings compared to other competing sites. It is also a local brokerage site instead of a national portal so it does not rely upon second-hand sources for listings. This is quite beneficial because having almost immediate access to homes for sale means you have a competitive advantage seeing as good deals go quickly!

We hope this Tech Tuesday article about Redfin helps you in your future property search adventures… Please let us know what your experiences with this service is like in the comments section below!

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