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Matterport’s 3D Showcase

Video plays a huge role in the real estate market when it comes to catching the eye of a prospective client, partner, or anyone who may be interested in your product. Matterport’s 3D Showcase allows an agent, developing firm, or anyone else the ability to make a 3D model/video of a house. Additionally, you can you use this camera and its technologies to create a 3D floorplan to show individuals the potential value in a home after creating a new floorplan, which may be beneficial for remodels. This is a very useful product that is catching many people’s attention due to the simplicity of Matterport 3D. Please watch the video below to see what Matterport’s 3D Showcase can do for you.


Many first time home buyers are not sure where to start or where to get the information they need in order to call a house their home. With Doorsteps shared online workspace, real estate agents and loan officers can be in touch with any client who has an account on Doorsteps. Buyers’ profiles are built through each conversation or search a client makes thus making future conversations with agents pertinent.

Doorsteps assists in helping home buyers find the agent most suitable for them who they feel will guide them in the right direction. From a real estate agent’s perspective, this website is an additional way to familiarize yourself with new buyers and generate leads whilst helping clients obtain the knowledge they need so they may be informed on how to achieve their home buying goals. Please watch the video below to find out how you can stand out to your buyers.

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