The Euclidean Dream

Legacy Real Estate Ventures, LLC newest project is located in the Mt. Soledad area of San Diego. This particular project entails much more strategic planning and project specific due-diligence in order to achieve the product we are accustomed to.

The exterior of the home will be preserved to enhance the contemporary style of the residence. This initial scope of the project created some interesting design challenges as we uncovered the requirements necessary to achieve our finalized renderings. The contemporary home will include an elaborate floating staircase, a spiral staircase stretching to the rooftop, and a large rooftop deck. These intricate components forced us to focus on preliminary project management in order to assure that all team members (contractor, architect, structural engineer, design team etc.) were on the same page.

As displayed by Rendering Floor #1 (click), we plan to reverse the layout of the staircases to the garage and second story. The initial photos show the current layout of the first floor and also depict the staircases that will be modified. The floating staircase concept is rarely implemented in homes due to the incredible expense, the need for highly skilled laborers capable of completing the staircase, and the extensive logistics involved with the creation of the structural support components. The staircase requires a load-bearing ball (masonry wall) to be directly adjacent to the staircase. As you can see in the gallery and renderings, once the pony wall is removed the home no longer has the load-bearing wall for the staircase. If the wall is not present the developer must insert/weld steel posts and iron structure to support the weight of the staircase, which results in an incredibly expensive staircase! We are exploring different types of materials and structural orientations to avoid securing the stairs to a non load-bearing wall. The gallery below represents the theme we will replicate.

Another important design feature will be the new bathroom on the first floor. We wanted to be conscience of spacing and orientation so the bathroom was designed as an accent piece for the entryway of the home. As displayed in Rendering Floor #1 (click), the floating staircase will wrap around the “hidden bathroom” and continue to the second floor Rendering Floor #2 (click). The exterior walls of the bathroom will be covered by a two-layer material design. The first layer will consistent of a rare Amber Onyx and the second layer will be a dark Brazilian teak (examples below). The contrast of textures will be highlighted via LED lights built into the Brazilian teak and via lighting from the adjacent blue-flame fireplace. More intricate design concepts will come with future updates.

We look forward to the progression of the project and likewise the finalized selection of materials for the project. Enjoy the preliminary architectural renderings and stay tuned for more updates!

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