Real Estate Fund of Funds…the New Paradigm

I am not a huge proponent of websites that give out generalized information with no content filter or admin (ie Wikipedia) but I feel as though every website has something you can take away from it. The recent emergence of the concept of “Fund of Funds” is where the real estate investment arena is headed. The annualized returns on these “Fund of Funds” are becoming increasingly stronger as time goes on and more money is deployed in both debt and equity arenas. The debt that is placed in the primary markets in the next 4 years will be incredibly sound investments throughout the next 10-15 years. I searched for the best generalized website and realized that the pillars of the concept could be found at Investopedia. Its a good resource to break down the initial concepts and ideologies represented in these funds (debt, equity, fees). Thought I’d share as it helped me when trying to wrap me head around the concept.

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